Indy Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Before arriving in Indianapolis, I mainly know the city through its car circuit, where the famous 500 miles of Indianapolis are run. No rush to my program, but a visit to downtown Indiana’s capital. Indiana Indiana is a state in the Midwestern United States. It is bordered on the north by Lake Michigan and Michigan, on the east by Ohio, on the south by Kentucky and on the west by Illinois. With 6,483,802 inhabitants in 2010, Indiana (whose name means “Indian Land”) was the 15th most populous state in the United States. Indianapolis It was in 1821 that the decision was made to build Indianapolis. Its strategic location, in the heart of a state incorporated into the Union five years earlier, should make it possible to establish the new capital there. The city now has 850,000 inhabitants, making it the 12th most populated city in the country. I begin my visit with the monument in honour of soldiers and sailors, erected in the heart of downtown, facing the Capitol. A beautiful monument, surrounded by a fountain, which also marks the beginning of a set of six blocks where there are two parks and other memorials. Having visited

I have adopted the electric scooter for my trips in the city

I had been thinking about it for some time, then I had the opportunity to try an electric scooter. Adopted! I always walk to do my market for example. I prefer cycling when I want to go for a ride. In other words, the car leaves the garage only when it is needed. The scooter seduced me for several reasons, which I would like to present to you. Before, like many people, I used to use my bike to make short trips around the city quickly without depending on public transport schedules and without polluting. But I find that bicycles take up space, they are heavy and I don’t always know where to put them once they reach their destination. I have friends who live in a nice apartment… on the fourth floor without an elevator. A good lock is not always enough to secure a bike. Or you could end up with one or two flat tires as a “thank you” or a missing saddle. With the saddle down, I tested it: it’s average. Being forced to put myself in a “dancer’s shoes” all the way back is not easy. Well it’s true, it gave me