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I have adopted the electric scooter for my trips in the city

I had been thinking about it for some time, then I had the opportunity to try an electric scooter. Adopted! I always walk to do my market for example. I prefer cycling when I want to go for a ride. In other words, the car leaves the garage only when it is needed. The scooter seduced me for several reasons, which I would like to present to you.

Before, like many people, I used to use my bike to make short trips around the city quickly without depending on public transport schedules and without polluting. But I find that bicycles take up space, they are heavy and I don’t always know where to put them once they reach their destination. I have friends who live in a nice apartment… on the fourth floor without an elevator.

A good lock is not always enough to secure a bike. Or you could end up with one or two flat tires as a “thank you” or a missing saddle.

With the saddle down, I tested it: it’s average. Being forced to put myself in a “dancer’s shoes” all the way back is not easy. Well it’s true, it gave me the opportunity to buy a saddle with a comfort gel incorporated, my butt appreciated it.

That’s why I started thinking about a possible alternative to cycling. I have seen young people use their skateboards to go to school. I myself had a skateboard when I was younger. She left me with the pleasant memory of two broken incisors… And then I became interested in another means of electric transport that is small, handy, light and fast: the electric scooter.

We now see a lot of them in the city, it’s a fact, it’s becoming more and more popular. And for good reason, in my opinion, the arguments in its favour make the electric scooter one of the best transport solutions in urban areas. Especially with the advent of bicycle paths, but not only! Indeed, there are many arguments in its favour.

1 – The electric scooter is green, economical and fast

It has an engine, but does not consume gasoline! It only needs to be recharged every 30 kilometres or so. That said, I reload it a little bit after each trip, just to have the maximum capacity for my next trip. I did the calculation with a friend, the electricity consumption is 0.50€ every 100 kilometers. And the 100 km on a scooter: you don’t do it every day! In fact, I rarely do them over a week. As far as I am concerned, therefore, roughly speaking, it must only consume about ten euros of electricity per year.

Electric scooters are available at all prices. From a hundred euros, to nearly a thousand euros anyway (!) depending on the specificities of the models of course. Anyway, it’s not cheap. That said, in addition to its derisory consumption, I don’t need insurance or parking space. What you need to know is that the quality and capacity of the battery plays a big role in the price. So there is no need to take a scooter with capacities far superior to your needs, beware of salespeople who tend to “force your hand”.

The electric scooter also allows me to move quickly. Some models even reach 45km/h! It’s a lot, I think, I’m fine at 25km/h. Here again, if you wish to make a purchase, be careful to match the capabilities of the machine to your expectations. For a journey that would take me 15 to 20 minutes on foot, I take only 5 minutes with my electric scooter.

2 – Space-saving and lightweight

The electric scooter weighs only a few kilos and can be folded up. It is true that some reach 30 kilos, it is starting to weigh, mine is much more modest. In the end, it takes up very little space. Once I get to my destination, I don’t need to find a parking space or a place to tie it up. It solves the problem of theft or damage that I am facing with my bike.

Back home, for the same reasons, the scooter is much more practical than the bike. I don’t need to twist myself to get her down to the cellar, or get her into the elevator, well that’s especially true since I don’t have an elevator:). Same on the stairs: no too much effort required. Once at home, it can be easily stored in a closet.

No more bicycles in the entrance that obstructs the passage. I have to admit: I’m a little lazy to take the bike down to the cellar every time I use it….

In addition, if you plan to use it to go to work, you can easily store it under your desk without bothering your colleagues. And you won’t arrive dripping with sweat…

3) The electric scooter in addition to the car or public transport

Some trips are more convenient or easier to make by car or public transit, but only to a certain extent. Indeed, it is easy to find yourself in traffic jams, or to have to make changes that take time, whether by tram, bus or metro; it quickly becomes a problem!

Sometimes, quite simply, the journey is too long to be made entirely by electric scooter.

In these cases, I take it with me on public transport without any problem and without disturbing other users. If you have a car or carpool, you can also consider taking it with you by putting it in the trunk. For me, it allows me to go to a remote city, park the car on the outskirts, often in free squares, and then reach the city centre quietly by electric scooter.

4 – The electric scooter is easy to handle

It was a little bit of a haunting before I had a chance to try it. In fact, it was once this reassurance was given that I decided to equip myself. It’s not like learning to ride a bike, you get the hang of it faster. I’ve never been on a scooter before. It took me a few minutes to get used to it. Controlling your balance is not difficult, unlike other machines like the monorail style or the very fashionable smartboard. On a scooter if you feel that you are losing your balance or that an obstacle is coming up, in a fraction of a second you will find yourself… with your feet on the ground.

5) On an electric scooter: no physical effort

I love cycling and, when I finish my ride, of course: I go to the shower. As a result, it is often limited to use during the summer only for sporting or non-sporting walks. Similarly, for those who want to let go of the car a little bit, if you are not too sporty, the electric scooter is a good solution.

While bicycles require physical effort, electric scooters allow you to get outdoors without exercising or sweating, the only thing you need to do is stand up, look where you want to go, and then let yourself be carried.

6 – It creeps in everywhere

Forbidden direction, traffic jams, high pedestrian density? No problem, no problem. Keeping a reasonable speed, less than 10 km/h, the electric scooter can be used on the sidewalk and can easily slip between passers-by.

And, if at some point you find that it takes up too much space, you can always fold it up and hold it in your hand, for example, while you pass through a crowd that is too crowded.

7 – It frees you from restrictive schedules

Thanks to my electric scooter, I no longer have to worry about public transit schedules or the delays that sometimes put me in an uncomfortable position when I was expected. No more traffic jams either. Before, I used to leave early for work to make sure I arrived on time. But this was before.

Like cycling, the electric scooter gives me real freedom of movement, I feel really independent. Well, I must admit that in the rain, it’s not so good, like on a bike, actually.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to adopt the electric scooter for city travel. I admit that if I had to part with it today, I would be in a lot of trouble. Of course, we can still do without it. But to choose, between the car, the bicycle and the electric scooter… the latter often wins my choice, because it is really practical and very pleasant to use! So you’re getting into it too? Look in the second hand, that’s when I found mine.